PESK Company Timeline at a Glance:

April 2001

PESKCO was established in Kish Free Trade Zone

May 2001

PESKCO office was established in Tehran

April 2002

sale department for Professional live equipment was reopened

September 2003

Professional Lighting sale department was reopened

June 2004

Store No, 1 (Mahan) was opened in Tehran

April 2005

DJ equipment sale department was reopened

July 2008

Studio equipment sale department was reopened

February 2010

the department for implementation of acoustic projects was reopened in Tehran and Qeshm

April 2011

PESKCO’s 10th anniversary celebration was held

October 2011

Mahan Online Store was established

March 2012

Speaker production line was reopened with the cooperation of a Spanish company, Beyma

April 2013

Suzuki musical instruments sale department was reopened

April 2014

Store No. 2 (Aria) was opened in Tehran

April 2015

Kurzweil sale department was opened

May 2016

Musical Instruments Store (Larestan) was opened in Tehran